• United Way Worldwide partners with organizations like FamilyWize that share the view that the way to improve lives is by mobilizing the caring power of communities. Our long-term commitments are essential to addressing key social issues, such as promoting financial stability and independence, and improving people’s health.

Please contact the United Way Agency nearest you to find out where to get your free FamilyWize prescription drug discount card. These savings cards are being distributed through participating United Way partner agencies and other organizations in their area for people with no or limited prescription drug coverage. There is no cost to you or your family for this discount card and there are no enrollment or eligibility requirements.

You can then take these reusable prescription coupons to over 60,000 participating pharmacies for discounts on all FDA approved medicines. If your local United Way is not in the list, please have them contact us if they would like to participate.

You can also Text to Get a Drug Card by texting the word "Family" to 700700. An electronic free prescription card will be sent to your phone to show your pharmacist.


  • St. Paul's in Holtville will be a Cool Zone Sunday's this summer starting July 5th. Each Sunday from 12pm - 5pm, we will open our doors to the public as a place -CoolZone- where people can come to cool off and enjoy light refreshments and video entertainment.   

Light refrehments like: Cold Water, Tea, & Gattorade.

Video Entertainment like: Christian Videos - movies & comedian.


  • If your company would like to join the 65 others who support us in this manner, or would like more information give us a call at (760) 355-4900.

HUD Funding

News | March 1, 2016 – June 20, 2016

The Imperial Valley Homeless Task Force (IVHTF) made application to HUD's funding opportunity # FR-5900-N-25 for Continuum of Care funding. The application was due 11/17/2015.

In response to solicitation for HUD projects, the I HTF received 5 applications. Please see that application

HUD awarded 3 grants as a result of this application: They are:

CoC : Imperial Valley Homeless Task Force, CA-613

Program Awarded Amount

  1. IV HTF Planning Grant 2015 CoC - $16,078
  2. WomanHaven Transitional Housing Project CoCR-  $164,445
  3. Collaborative Assessment Project  CoC  - $10,608

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